About NJ InCK HealthStory

NJ InCK is offered to all children aged birth through 20 enrolled in NJ FamilyCare who live in Monmouth or Ocean counties.

The NJ InCK HealthStory is the first step for families to participate in NJ InCK. Because children’s health depends on a lot of things, the NJ InCK HealthStory asks age-specific questions about the many different areas of your child’s health and wellbeing, including:

Physical Health

Mental Health

Developmental Health

Individual and Family Social Needs

Benefit for Families to complete their Child’s NJ InCK HealthStory:

  • When you complete the NJ InCK HealthStory each year before your child’s well-check appointment, your answers, combined with your child’s health history, give the trusted partners in your circle of care a full picture of your child’s as well as your family needs.
  • This information helps you, your doctor, and the community organizations in your circle of care connect your child and your family to the right health and social services. 
  • Most importantly, completing your child’s NJ InCK HealthStory ensures that you have the opportunity to make your voice heard to get the services and support your child and family need to be healthy and well.  

Why we ask these questions:

The information you provide in the NJ InCK HealthStory helps to:


Ensure families are well so children can thrive

That’s why the NJ InCK HealthStory asks about your family’s basic needs, parent/guardian health, and family relationships.

Get care faster

Finding out about any challenges or difficulties that may be affecting your child’s health or wellbeing and getting help as early as possible keeps children healthier.

Stay on top of changing health needs

As a child grows from an infant to a toddler, and from a school-aged child to a teen and young adult, their health and social needs change. Regular physical, mental, and behavioral health screening helps you and your doctor make sure your child’s current needs are met. 

Create a circle of care

Your child’s health is shaped by many things, such as having enough food to eat, safe and stable places to live, learn and play, support for their physical and mental health, and even making sure those who take care of them are healthy too. That’s why the NJ InCK circle of care includes families, doctors, and community centers, schools, faith-based organizations, social services programs and others. NJ InCK helps you make sure everyone in your circle of care has the information they need to support  your child’s health and wellbeing in the best way possible.

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For teens and young adults

If you are aged 14 or older, you can start making important decisions about your health. Take the NJ InCK HealthStory to connect with the support you need to manage your health and wellbeing.

Getting Started with the NJ InCK HealthStory

Complete and submit the NJ InCK HealthStory Interest form to get started. Depending on the information you share, NJ InCK will send you an email or text message about taking the NJ InCK HealthStory within 5 days.  Once you’ve received a message from NJ InCK, follow the directions to log in.

  • Desktop or mobile. You can take the NJ InCK HealthStory on a computer or on your mobile phone.
  • Multiple languages. The NJ InCK HealthStory is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Creole.
  • Anytime access. Take the NJ InCK HealthStory when it’s convenient for you. You can answer the questions in any order. You can start and stop and go back any time until you finish.
  • Multiple children in the household. If you have more than one child, you can complete each of your children’s assessments separately.
  • Choice and control. Although you must respond to every question in some way, you can click on “I choose not to answer this question.” Choosing not to answer will not affect your current care or future enrollment in NJ FamilyCare services. However, the more information you provide, the better your circle of care will be able to support you.
  • Respect and privacy. Remember, the questions in NJ InCK HealthStory are meant to only help find out what your child and family needs to be healthy and well. We understand that all families have unique needs and they all deserve to be respected and supported. 
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Ready to take the NJ InCK HealthStory?

Types of questions

The NJ InCK HealthStory asks different questions about health and wellness. Below are descriptions of the types of questions you may be asked, depending on your child’s age.

Developmental Milestones

How a child plays, learns, acts, talks, and moves shows how they are  growing. Developmental milestones are things many children (but not all) can do by a certain age.

Child’s Behaviors

A child’s behavior can be related to social and emotional needs. This set of questions asks about how a child acts in different situations.

Parent/Guardian Concerns

Parents and guardians know their children best. This section asks parents and guardians questions about what is worrying them about their child.

Preschool Experience

Preschool is a time of new experiences. How a child manages their emotions and plays with others gives clues about what they may need help with.

Social Interactions

What parents and guardians notice about how a child acts can help find any issues a child might have communicating or interacting with others.

Family Environment

Because the behaviors and situations of family members and caregivers can affect a child’s development, these questions ask about the people in a child’s life.

Parent/Guardian Wellbeing

Caring for a baby or child may make parents and guardians feel strong emotions. This section asks questions about parent and guardian wellbeing.

Emotions and Behavior

What parents and guardians notice about any difficulties a child has with their emotions or learning can give clues to what help they might need.

Basic Needs

Having basics like food, housing, and transportation are important for good health and wellbeing. These questions are about some basic needs  a family may need help with.

Life Experiences

These questions ask about one-time or ongoing stressful experiences that can affect a child’s behavior, growth, and learning.

Mental Health

How children, teens, and young adults feel and act in school, at home, and around others can give clues to the types of support they might need.

Substance Use

These questions ask, without judgement, if and how alcohol and drugs may be affecting a teen or young adult’s health.

FAQs about the NJ InCK HealthStory

Start here by filling in the NJ InCK Interest Form to find out if NJ InCK is right for you. If NJ InCK is right for you, you’ll receive an invitation link within 5 business days by email or cell phone to take the NJ InCK HealthStory. Click the link and enter your email or cell phone number to sign in. A temporary code will be sent to your device. Enter the code to take the NJ InCK HealthStory.

No. You can start and stop answering whenever you want and come back to the NJ InCK HealthStory later. Your answers will be saved automatically. You can just pick up where you left off when you come back.

Yes. But you can select “I choose not to answer this question” if you do not want to share that information. You decide what information you share. Remember, these questions are asked only to find out what your child needs.

Being a part of NJ InCK does not change any of your child’s NJ FamilyCare services. However, your child is also eligible to participate in NJ InCK as an added service.

After completing the NJ InCK HealthStory, the results will be reviewed by the NJ InCK Care Integration Manager and your child’s doctor. Depending on the results, you may be contacted by an NJ InCK Care Integration Manager to talk with you about next steps. You also can discuss the results with your doctor at your next visit.

If you need help taking the NJ InCK HealthStory or have any questions, please contact info@njinck.org or the person/organization that told you about NJ InCK. 

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Ready to take the NJ InCK HealthStory?