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As a trusted community organization, you provide social services and resources that are vital for the health and wellness of children and families in your community. As a NJ InCK partner, you’ll work together with parents and guardians, youth, primary care providers, and other community-based service providers to ensure your clients are getting both the healthcare and social services they need to thrive.

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What is NJ InCK?

NJ InCK (pronounced “New Jersey Ink”) is a new program available to all NJ FamilyCare beneficiaries living in Monmouth and Ocean counties aged birth through 20. It is a model that combines healthcare and social services to provide care that meets the needs of all children. NJ InCK focuses on prevention, early identification, and treatment of health concerns like behavioral health challenges, physical health needs, and social issues.

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NJ InCK makes it easier for families to choose the community-based service providers they want to work with and decide who they want to share their information with.

Why participate in NJ InCK

Better understand client needs.

A shared care plan, closed-loop referrals, and open lines of communication give you more information about your clients so you can serve them better and track if services are helping.

Prevention for families.

Connect your families to services earlier and help them avoid crises.

Grow your impact.

Joining NJ InCK gives your organization more visibility in your community, can help fuel your ongoing initiatives, and provides data to help you show impact.   

NJ InCK is for all Monmouth and Ocean County Community Partners.

If you are an organization that serves children, teens, and young adults aged birth through 20 in Monmouth and Ocean counties, and are interested in becoming a part of NJ InCK, please contact us.

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As a Community Partner, many of your clients may learn about NJ InCK from you. You can encourage them to participate by introducing the NJ InCK HealthStory.

Resources for Community Partners

Whole Child Care Webinar

Remodeling Healthcare for Children with NJ FamilyCare: Transforming Whole Child Care presented by NJAAP.

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Nothing about the Families Webinar

Remodeling Healthcare for Children with NJ FamilyCare: Nothing About the Families Without the Families Webinar presented by NJAAP.

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InCK Fact Sheet

An overview of the InCK Model from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation.

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FAQs for Community Partners

NJ InCK puts parents and guardians in charge of their child’s health, enabling them to choose which services and resources they prefer and decide who they want to share their information with. The NJ InCK HealthStory, which is the first step for families to participate in NJ InCK, asks about various aspects of a child’s health, including social determinants as well as service utilization. This information enables the partners in a family’s circle of care to serve them better. 

Partnering with NJ InCK can help fuel your organization’s ongoing initiatives by connecting you with healthcare providers and like-minded organizations that support children and families in your community. Also, the NJ InCK information sharing platform will help your organization show impact through your participation in the program

You are a trusted resource in the community. You provide families, children, teens, and young adults with assistance, services, and care that support their care plan. You also are a key partner in spreading the word about NJ InCK. You can introduce your clients to NJ InCK and help them get started with the online NJ InCK HealthStory.

Your clients must complete the NJ InCK HealthStory to determine if they are eligible for NJ InCK resources and services. We recommend that you encourage your clients to fill out our NJ InCK HealthStory Interest Form.

Currently, your clients can share their child’s HealthStory in one of two ways:

  1. Parents and guardians will get a letter from their doctor around their child’s birthday. The letter will tell them how to complete their child’s NJ InCK HealthStory.
  2. Parents and guardians can go directly to the NJ InCK website and complete the NJ InCK HealthStory Interest Form. If they qualify for NJ InCK they will receive a unique link to start.

Being a part of NJ InCK does not change any of the child’s NJ FamilyCare services. However, the child is also eligible to participate in NJ InCK as an added service.

Your clients may be able to receive assistance with access to specialty, behavioral health, and social services in your community.